Halloween Performances

Students will perform Halloween dances during the last 15 minutes of their classes on the following dates: Wednesday, 10/24, Thursday 10/26, Friday 10/26, Monday 10/29 & Tuesday 10/30.  Students are welcome to wear Halloween costumes.  We are CLOSED on Halloween (Wednesday, October 31st).

Musical Theater Audition Change & Call Back Dates

It’s come to our attention that many of you interested in auditioning for our Musical Theater competition team are away on vacation so we are going to reschedule prep-camp and auditions. We will hold prep-camp on Tuesday August 22nd and Wednesday August 23rd from 5-6pm. We will then hold Musical Theater Competition team auditions on…

Musical Theater Prep Camp & Auditions

Who’s auditioning for the first ever MUSICAL THEATER competing team? Join us August 6th & 7th for musical theater prep-camp from 5-6pm followed by auditions on August 8th from 5-6pm (this is a change from the original time). This will be a combined age competition group ages 8 and up. It’s going to be a…

Call Backs

Call backs for competing and company teams will be THURSDAY, AUGUST 23rd.  Times TBA.