Dear DE Families,

Happy Spring everyone!  I hope all is well and happy in your families.
I am writing to you to tell you of the exciting progress I have made in my efforts to bring you a Dance Express Dance Recital.  

These trying COVID times have been very hard on all of us and in my effort to give our kids a recital I have hit many road blocks:

Getting a Venue that will allow us to have at least 2 parents attend.  Most High schools are very limited.
Getting a venue that’s not outside
Getting a venue that will not close down without advanced notice, resulting in no recital for the second year in a row.
Getting a venue where they will actually dance on a real stage.
Getting a weekend that does not interfere with school functions AKA – graduations, Senior night, proms etc.

In this effort I came across the Klein Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT where we recently attended a dance competition.  It is a beautiful old theater with the capacity to seat 550 people with social distancing.  That right there is amazing!  They have very big back stage dressing rooms and parents will be able to go back and help their kiddos with changes.  

There is also a snack bar and they have a liquor license, so the audience will be able to bring drinks and food into the auditorium.

Of course the biggest drawback is that I could only get Wednesday, June 16th. Most schools have a half day and some are even done by the16th.  The recital will start at 5pm so that we will not go too late on a school night. It’s about an hour or so drive and the dancers will only be there for one night.  Dress rehearsal will be at the studio the week before.  The Company and Ballet Level 1,2,3,4 will have a rehearsal right before the show. The younger dancer’s classes will be in the beginning of the show. I will do whatever it takes to make this easy on you and my staff.

Also, they just put in beautiful new cameras for LIVE STREAMING. So extended family and friends can watch the show from the comfort of their homes!

I know this is not like other years, but I also know with your help and understanding that we can make this recital be AMAZING FOR YOUR CHILDREN.  I want to give them something that they will remember and be proud of for a very long time.  

If you do have any concerns or problems please feel free to email me at or call the studio at 860 871-1922.  I will be happy to help and workout any problems that may arise.

Thank you again for dancing at Dance Express and being part of such a wonderful family.  You guys are the best!

Wednesday June 16th – 5pm
Miss Beth