Musical Theater Audition Change & Call Back Dates

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It’s come to our attention that many of you interested in auditioning for our Musical Theater competition team are away on vacation so we are going to reschedule prep-camp and auditions. We will hold prep-camp on Tuesday August 22nd and Wednesday August 23rd from 5-6pm. We will then hold Musical Theater Competition team auditions on Thursday the 23rd at 4 pm. CALL BACKS: 3rd Company call backs will be held on August 23rd from 5-6pm, 2nd Company from 6-7pm and 1st Company from 7-8pm. Reminder that if you have made these teams we ask that you attend call back times as well. If you have a call back for competing Hip Hop or Tap, you will have these during the first class of the year.

Author: danceexpress