2021-2022 Policy Booklet


Covid Policies update 1/25/22 (view here)

1. All students, parents and teachers must wear masks. 
2. All students must enter and exit the studio by the outside doors.
3. Bathrooms will be wiped down every night.
4. When entering the studio each student must use the sanitizer that will be provided at each entrance.
5. All surfaces of the studios will be wiped down every night.
6. All parents will check their child for signs of fever, runny nose or cough before bringing them to class.
7.  All dance bags and water bottles will be placed 6 feet apart in the studio.
8.  Air purifiers will be going in all the studios for your safety.
The DE staff thanks you for your help and consideration in these tough times.  If the state says we have to shut down, we will be doing full class time zoom sessions.  
Miss Beth